UBNT Solar Power Home Automation Networking



Models: mPower, mPower (EU), mPower mini, mPower mini (EU), mPower PRO, mPower PRO (EU)

The mFi® mPower™ products are mFi controllable power outlets with Wi-Fi capability. Once connected, they can be managed by the mFi Controller software and configured to operate on a schedule with customizable power on/off rules.

The built-in mechanical relays provide remote powering capability to control energy consumption.

Use the power metering capability to easily monitor the energy consumption of connected devices and significantly reduce energy costs.

The mFi® mPower readily connects to any Wi-Fi network. The mFi mPower™ PRO model also includes Ethernet capability.

Make buildings smarter and more efficient using the intuitive UI and powerful features of the mFi® Controller software.

Model mPowermini mPower mPowerPro
Outlets 1 3 6

More info: https://www.ubnt.com/mfi/mpower/ 
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