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mFi® In-Wall Manageable Devices
Models: mFi‑LD, mFi‑LD‑W, mFi‑MPW, mFi‑MPW‑W

The mFi® In-Wall Outlet and Switch/Dimmer can be managed by the mFi Controller software and configured to operate on a schedule with customizable power on/off rules.

The mFi® Outlet and Switch/Dimmer can be integrated seamlessly into any building interior. The mFi® Switch/Dimmer includes a capacitive touch panel for ease of use.

The built-in mechanical relays provide remote powering capability to control energy consumption. The mFi® Switch/Dimmer features a dimmer control to adjust the power level.

Use the power metering capability to easily monitor the energy consumption of connected devices and significantly reduce energy costs.

The mFi® Outlet and Switch/Dimmer readily connect to any Wi-Fi network.

Make buildings smarter and more efficient using the intuitive UI and powerful features of the mFi® Controller software.

Function Switch/Dimmer Switch/Dimmer Outlet Outlet
Color Black White Black White

More info: https://www.ubnt.com/mfi/inwall/ 
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