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Edge Router
Models: ER‑8, ERLite-3, ERPoe-5, ERPro-8

The EdgeRouter™ offers 2 million packets per second over its eight independent, Gigabit routing ports.

The EdgeRouter™ provides eight independent, RJ45 Gigabit ports to meet the needs of carrier-class networks.

The EdgeRouter™ delivers uptime performance equal to leading carrier or enterprise technology solutions.

The durable, 1U-high metal chassis allows for convenient mounting in a standard-sized, 19”-wide rack.

The EdgeRouter™ routes up to 2 million packets per second. Use its advanced features to run applications on the customizable open platform.

Model ERLite-3 ERPoe-5 ER-8 ERPro-8
Performance 1 million pps 1 million pps 2 million pps 2 million+ pps
RJ45 Ports 3 5 8 6+2*
SFP Ports N/A N/A N/A 2*
PoE N/A 24V/48V N/A N/A
*Two ports can be used as either RJ45 or SFP.

More info: https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgerouter/
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