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AirMax Omni
Models: AMO‑2G10, AMO‑2G13, AMO‑3G12, AMO‑5G10, AMO‑5G13

Pair the airMAX® Omni Antenna with a Rocket™M BaseStation for 360° coverage in Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) networks.

airMAX® Omni Antennas are the first of their kind to feature a patented, dual-polarity omni design.

airMAX® Omni Antennas provide 360° coverage, 2x2 MIMO performance in Line-of-Sight (LOS) or Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) applications.

Model 2G10 2G13 3G12 5G10 5G13
Frequency 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 3 GHz 5 GHz 5 GHz
Gain 10 dBi 13 dBi 12 dBi 10 dBi 13dBi

More info: https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/airmax-omni-antenna/
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